A Better Breakfast Sandwich

If a breakfast sandwich is your early morning go-to, skip the drive-thru. Because the eggs in those fast food joints? They aren't just eggs. Here's what you're really eating (shudder) and why a better breakfast sandwich awaits right here at Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee.

The Listings Don't Lie

If you think about the ingredients going into the average breakfast sandwich at any of the usual fast food restaurants, it seems pretty straightforward. Egg. Sausage. Cheese. English Muffin. Sure, there's a laundry list of stuff going into that muffin, and the sausage and cheese are probably pretty suspect too. But the egg? That's probably just an egg.Nope.This Forbes article lists the actual published ingredients in the eggs at six well-know fast food joints. And it is bad. We're talking preservatives, antifoaming agents, color additives, and something worryingly known as a "premium egg blend" that actually has no eggs in it at all. Plenty of isolated pea product, though.You know what should be in eggs? Salt. Pepper. Maybe some butter.Fortunately, that's what you get with the eggs here at Full Belly Deli. We put them into stuff like the Breakfast Sando and the Breakfast Burrito, the GNAR Burrito, our Green Eggs & Ham and quesadilla. Scrambled or fried, our eggs are just that - fresh, perfectly cooked, expertly seasoned eggs. Full stop.We get enough unpronounceable crap into our systems one way or another - let eggs be eggs. And let breakfast sandwiches be delicious! At Full Belly Deli here in Reno and Truckee, we use real eggs and apparently, that's worth pointing out. So if you're looking for an amazing breakfast sandwich, now you know where to go.

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