A Sando To Go

First day of summer, baby, and that means it's about to get hot here in Reno and Truckee. We've been enjoying pretty mild temperatures, but things are going to start cranking. And when they do, you should know exactly where you can grab a great sando to go. Because you have places to be and things to do this summer, and waiting around for food shouldn't be one of them.

We're Talking about FBD

Whether you're starting your adventure in Reno or Truckee, Full Belly Deli has you covered. Check out the menu, hit up our Facebook page for daily specials, give us a ring, and presto change-o - when you show up, your sando will be ready to roll.And lest you worry about the whole to-go thing, fear not. We've been expertly wrapping our sandos for years, and you can be sure that yours will be in great shape when you're ready to eat. There's a surprising amount of debate on the ol' interweb about the art of sandwich wrapping, but the pros here at FBD have figured out what works (waxed butcher paper or foil, depending on the sando).

Something for Everyone

And get this - you can please the whole crew with sandos to go at Full Belly Deli. The kiddos will find something perfect on the Little Bellies menu, and your gluten-free aunt and vegetarian cousin will likewise find something tasty and nutritionally appropriate. There aren't many great, local places in town that can do the same.So now you know - for a great sandwich to go in Reno or Truckee, just remember three little words. This summer, get your sando, and get out there.

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