Does Your Chili Win Awards?

Just like great sandwiches, awesome chili is subjective. Maybe no chili of yours will ever see a bean, and don't even get started with the tomatoes. Maybe you just read that and thought, ofcourse chili has beans and tomatoes. Maybe you think it isn't chili unless your tongue is on fire. There's a lot to be passionate about when it comes to chili, we get it.Here at Full Belly Deli, we throw down scratch-made chili about every other day. And not to brag, but we have bagged a few awards along the way (grand champion and people's choice, oh yeah!). Those, combined with all that positive customer feedback come chili season, tell us we must be doing something right. So now that's it's cold enough to warrant stick-to-your-ribs, warm-you-from-the-inside-out food, let's talk chili.

FBD Chili

We love changing things up around here, and while we have a few chili go-tos (customer favorites, don't you know), we're always working on new recipes. Some current faves in the Reno and Truckee delis:

  • Pork green chili - Shredded pork, roasted poblanos, tomatillos, tomatoes, onions, mmmm
  • Barbacoa chili - Our slow-cooked barbecued shredded beef makes allll the difference in this one
  • Chicken and chorizo chili - As it says
  • Pork three ways chili - Diced pork loin, ground sausage and ground Spanish chorizo, plus a bean pairing, chipotle peppers, onion and tomatoes

We switch up the main cast of characters, but we tend to work in a southwestern flair (read: authentic chili, y'all) with classic ingredients like black beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, green chiles and chipotle peppers. It's good stuff.

Dishing it Up

Since filling bellies is our thing, we serve up our chili in 12 or 16 oz bowls that you can pair with half a sandwich or just your favorite house-made bread. Oh, we have crackers too, if that's your style.Come get yourself a bowl, and maybe you'll pick up a little inspiration for making some chili of your own. And if you love chili but kind of avoid the kitchen, then you're in luck (except on Sundays. Then you're on your own). Stop in today at our Reno or Truckee delis for some award-winning chili, and hey, stay warm out there.

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