A Definitive Guide to Making Better Sandwiches From the Pros at Full Belly Deli

Pop quiz - are you one of the roughly 50% of Americans who enjoys a sandwich every day? High five if you are! To the rest of you, we're assuming it's because you've been disappointed too many times by a soggy, bland, sorry excuse for a sandwich. And in that case, we don't blame you. That's why we're sharing this definitive guide to making better sandwiches. Hey, you're welcome.

It Starts with the Bread

Bread is the foundation of a sandwich, and starting with the best bread is half the battle to an awesome sandwich. How do you know you've got bread worthy of becoming a damn good sandwich? It should be delicious enough that you'd eat it all on its own.There are a million bread options out there, from baguettes to buns, sourdough to rye, sliced to rolls. And while personal preference is going to be the ultimate deciding factor, texture is always an important consideration. Remember, ingredient balancing is an important part of the ideal sandwich, and texture plays into that formula.The bread component is so important, it's the reason Fully Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee bake their own loaves fresh. If you browse our menu, you'll see that many of our sandos come on specific bread - and there's a reason for that. Those breads are chosen because they're the perfect complement to those ingredients. But if you like the wild card option, you can always change things up and choose another option from our selection of house-baked breads. Again, personal preference is king.

Condiments Can't Be Undervalued

Not using enough sauce or spread on a sandwich is a rookie mistake - one of the fastest ways to ruin a sandwich. Condiments keep a sandwich from the tragedy that is dryness, and they're the difference between flavor town and eh.If the bread is half the battle, condiments elevate the fight. That's why Full Belly Deli whips up its own condiments from scratch. Plus, we have condiment distribution down to an art. And that's why every bite is moist and flavorful.

Manage Veggies & Protein Properly

The freshest, highest-quality veggies are obviously the way to go, but you can up the game with proper seasoning too. Treating your veggies right can add so much vibrancy and contrast to your sando, so don't overlook this step.As for protein, again, opt for the freshest, best-quality meats for the most flavor. And then there's the art of "draping" which requires the right cut. You want to avoid a wad of meat in your mouth, and that can be the end result when the cut is too thick or too paper-thin.

Master the Layer

Remember the stink when Google's hamburger emoji had its cheese in the wrong spot? Everything on a sandwich has its place, and while personal preference can rightly weigh in, it's a matter of portioning each ingredient thoughtfully. The end goal is a damn good sandwich, every time, so do your best to avoid messing with balance or flavor.

Now, you can either hit up Full Belly Deli in Reno or Truckee for a sandwich that checks all of these boxes, or you can give it a whirl yourself. If you're DIYing it, go make us proud!

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