Dining Alfresco? Bring Some Sandwiches!

We're fortunate to live in a part of the world with hundreds of sunshiny days every year and endless opportunity for fun outside. We live right next to Lake Tahoe! There are thousands of miles of trails to be hiked and biked, beaches to be explored, and meadows to roam. But all of that fresh air works up an appetite, so plan ahead. Next time you're dining alfresco in this beautiful corner of the globe, bring some sandwiches. Here's why.

A Sando Goes Where You Go

It's called portability, and it's awesome. Now, let's be clear - not every sandwich travels well. If you've got an ooey, gooey pressed sandwich, something delicious like our turkey melt, it's probably not going to hang out for five hours in your backpack with no problem. So choose your travel sandwich wisely. When you make a smart call on a cold sandwich, you'll end up with a tasty wrapped meal that will pack away nicely with the chips and energy bars and whatever else you're toting along to the beach or on the trail.

Sandwiches are Classic Picnic Fare

If you're heading out for an old-fashioned picnic, that basket is just asking for sandwiches. Again, it's the portability factor, but it's also the versatility. There are sandwiches to suit anyone's taste, including your vegetarian buddy and his gluten-free girlfriend. At Full Belly Deli, we can accommodate pretty much anyone, including the kids in the group. If none of the pressed sandos, subs, or wraps catch your eye, build your own! Choose your homemade bread, your scratch-made condiments, your proteins and cheeses and toppings, and we'll handle the expert layering and then wrap it up to go like the pros we are.

Feed a Crowd

The sandwiches at Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee are big enough for two - hence the name - and that's important when you're dining alfresco. Space is limited and no one wants to lug a cooler for miles. When you're packing light, a few hearty sandwiches that will feed the whole group is just the ticket.So now that the weather is finally warming up, let Full Belly Deli handle the food for your next family hike, picnic or beach day. Call ahead, place your order, and we'll have it all wrapped up and ready for you when you get here, so that you can get out there.

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