Doing the Reuben Right

Guys. People don't mess around when it comes to the Reuben sandwich. Between the ingredient line up and the assembly - not to mention the origin of this thing - the internet is insane with opinions about the right and wrong ways to make the deli staple. Still, we can probably all agree that the best Reuben is savory, messy and deeelicious. Now here's how Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee does the Reuben. Spoiler - there's a little twist to keep things interesting.

The Reuben, FBD Style

Picture it - locally made corned beef, courtesy of Flocchini Family Provisions. Savory Swiss cheese. Thick-cut marble rye from Truckee Sourdough Company. And our house-made jalapeño coleslaw. Yep, this is where Full Belly Deli goes right when the Reuben traditionalist would go left. In lieu of the standard sauerkraut, we kick things way, way up and, well, it's a game changer. Then we pile everything up, press that sando just right, and serve it up all hot and toasty.And now, instead of debating who really invented the Reuben or why replacing sauerkraut is genius (or sacrilege, depending on your perspective), we're just going to wrap things up right here. If you love yourself a Reuben sandwich, get over to Full Belly Deli in Reno or Truckee asap and give this one a whirl. We think you'll see exactly where we're coming from with that jalapeño slaw sub.

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