Family-Friendly Dining in Reno & Truckee

We couldn't fit in the whole title for this post, but if we could, it would have said: Family-Friendly Dining in Reno & Truckee With Food That You Actually Want to Eat in a Place You Don't Want to Immediately Leave. Because when it comes to eating out with kids, well, you're usually compromising. Sometimes it's the food that sucks, and sometimes it's the ambience. Either way, it tends to be a lose-lose scenario. Unless you're treating the whole family to Full Belly Deli in Reno or Truckee.

Defining "Family Friendly"

Just like defining better sandwiches, clarifying what makes a place family friendly is tricky. For some people, it means finding a spot where the food is awesome - kids' menu included. For others, it means a place without fake memorabilia on the walls and not an animatronic character to be seen. Some people think no family-friendly dining establishment would ever have tablecloths or a full bar, or that it has to have ample outdoor space, free wifi or tables you can color on if it's suitable for eating out with kids. And still others know for certain that family-friendly dining means just one thing - getting that food to go.At Full Belly Deli, we keep it simple. All of our food travels well, so if you can't yet face the idea of dining out with your kid, you're in luck. For the old parenting pros out there, trust that our delis in Reno and Truckee can handle the kids. There's the little bellies menu, for one, and then there's the casual atmosphere and snappy service.So next time you're starting at an empty fridge with a whole bunch of growling bellies running around, check the clock and the calendar. If it's before 4 pm on weekdays or 3 pm on Saturday, we've got you covered. Bring the whole family in for great grub and zero side-eye.

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