Here's Why Full Belly Deli is So Legit

Truckee may not have the lock on delis and sandwich shops, but Reno is another story. So when you're craving a sandwich and nothing else will do, how do narrow down your short list from the many, many options around? It starts with a little bit of knowledge. And while we can't speak for other places in town, we can tell you in detail what makes Full Belly Deli so legit.

The Reason Behind the Operation

Chef Tom Marrin said it best. Way back in 2010, he was featured on Notes on the Road, a super cool blog you should totally check out, where he said, "When you're eating with a fork, all you do is push your food around the plate, looking for that perfect bite. We aim to put it on bread and give you twenty perfect bites. That's our motivation behind making sandwiches."When you have twenty great bites and some really killer bread, that meal is already a success. But things get a little next level when some creativity is thrown in the mix.

How They Do

One of the best things about Full Belly Deli is the imagination and freedom behind the counter. Take the Dirka Dirka - when a friend and regular didn't know what kind of sando he wanted one day, Chef Tom pulled something brand new right out of thin air. Today, it's one of FBD's signature sandwiches.That kind of innovation is how all the scratch-made sauces and homemade breads came into being. To quote Tom again, "It's said that 'the sauce is what pulls a plate together' - and we try to use that idea to create 'the perfect bite.' " And that's true whether your sando has our chipotle aioli (mmm) or just the perfect use of mustard and mayo.While there is a standing menu at Full Belly Deli, you'll also find new and returning specials every day. That's kind of our thing, and it gives us all the room we need to experiment. You never know how inspiration will strike, and sometimes it's just a matter of looking around at what we have on hand, rolling up our sleeves, and making some magic in the kitchen.

Food For Two

Full Belly Deli isn't just a catchy rhyme - it's a description. Our sandos are oversized and made to feed two, or yourself now and then again later. Whether or not you get swept up in all the excitement and flavor and end up chowing down the whole thing solo, well, that's on you. But either way, you're looking at a full belly (and now it's all making sense).

So About that Short List

Next time a sandwich would really hit the spot, Full Belly Deli should absolutely top that mental list. If you haven't been here yet, and you have a thing for awesome food, give us a chance to impress you. Who knows, maybe you'll be the inspiration behind another signature sando one day.

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