It's Also Chili Season!

The temperatures are dropping, which makes last week's post about soup season expertly timed. Today's post? Also bang on! It's cold and rainy out there, folks, the kind of weather that makes a bowl of chili sound just right. Good news - Full Belly Deli is whipping it up the old-fashioned way, made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. It's that kind of approach that wins you awards, if you know what we're saying (we're saying we've won awards). On to the chili!

Made with Love

Fans of FBD know all about our specials, and that creativity absolutely applies to our chili. We have a few tried-and-true recipes that the customers love, but we're always changing things up. Here's what we've been dishing up lately in the Reno and Truckee delis:

  • Barbacoa chili: With slow-cooked barbecued shredded beef for all that smoky goodness.
  • Chorizo chicken chili : Chicken. Chorizo. Enough said.
  • Pork green chili: Mmmm.

Our angle is southwestern, but as you can see, the main cast of characters is definitely game for switching things up. Combine that with classic chili ingredients - fire-roasted tomatoes, chipotle peppers, black beans - and you have the kind of chili that's as unexpected as it is familiar and delicious.

And Served with Bread

Our chili gets even better when you pair it with half a sandwich or some of your favorite house-made bread. Get your chili in 12 or 16 oz bowls, and warm up already!

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