Local and Loving It

Back when FBD co-owners Eric and Tom opened the doors to their Truckee deli, the goal was always the kind of place locals would love. Fast forward more than a decade, and both the Truckee and Reno delis have become exactly that. But here's the thing about being truly local - it goes both ways. That's why FBD partners with local producers and ranchers for ingredients that go into everything from our soups to our specials. And today, we're going to tell you about some of them.

Tahoe Food Hub

This is the kind of amazing non-profit organization that every city needs. Tahoe Food Hub exists to galvanize the Tahoe community into building a regional food system that's sustainable and equitable. The goals are two-pronged - increasing market opportunities for small farms and boosting access to local food production all year long. Awesome, right?Tahoe Food Hub created this nifty network of regional farms within 100 miles of North Lake Tahoe and greased the skids between these farms and local restaurants, small grocery stores, schools, and hospitals. Full Belly Deli is one of them, and it's been a beautiful partnership. We tap the Tahoe Food Hub for farm-fresh produce that goes into our daily soups and some of our specials. And not to be corny, but you really can taste that whole farm-to-table thing.

Hole-In-One Ranch

Since 1993, this Lassen County ranch has been raising livestock in a manner that's healthy, humane, and environmentally sustainable. That means Hole-In-One Ranch is operating on a small scale, all the better to give the animals a gentle, stress-free experience while properly nurturing the land. We just think that's the right thing to do. The result is superior quality, ranch-raised beef, lamb and pork, some of which ends up right here at Full Belly Deli. Hole-In-One Ranch is where we get the ranch beef for the meatball sandwiches, chilis, and some of the specials at the Reno deli.

Local is Better

From the very beginning, Full Belly Deli has been all about the local community, and supporting local ranchers and farmers is an easy way to score great ingredients even as we help build up the place we call home. More partnerships with awesome local folks are in the works, so stay tuned. And get yourself to FBD in Reno or Truckee for a fresh, delicious sando this week and just like that, you'll be local and loving it too.

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