Long Live the Summer Sandwich

Summer and sandwiches go together like tequila and lime. From versatility to portability, there is literally a sandwich for everyone, anywhere. And while we've argued - compellingly, we might add - that there's no better meal that the ol' soup and sandwich combo on a wintry day, today, we're giving you all the reasons that a summer sandwich can't be beat.

So Seasonal

When you're hooked in to local farmers, summer is a great time to be a deli. That's when all of those fresh veggies come our way, and there's no substitute for tender greens, amiright? Plus, we tend to find a lot of inspiration when we're facing down a big ol' pile of farm-fresh veggies. Basically, it tees us up for those outrageous specials you guys love so much.

Get it to Go

If you have beaches and trails calling your name all summer long, we get it. Sometimes, you just need your food to go. And not every meal does that particularly well (fish tacos, we're looking at you). But a sando, well, that's something you can have customized to your taste buds and wrapped up with love, so that you can get on with your adventure of the day.

Cold & Delicious

Fresh-baked bread, scratch-made sauces, those farm-fresh veggies we keep bringing up, tender, locals meats - the perfect summer sando sounds pretty killer to us. Sure, maybe you'll have a hankering for a hot sandwich, just to shake things up. But on these warm summer days, we're not sure a perfect sandwich and a tall, ice-cold drink can be beat.This summer, we hope your drinks are cold, your beaches perfect, your trails empty. And when you come to Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee, we can promise that your sandwiches will be awesome.

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