Lunch for a Crowd - Party Platters from Full Belly Deli

Work meetings are so much better with good food. Right? All the better to distract yourself with in the event that those spreadsheets or customer loyalty stats are a mind-numbing bore. In fact, the food may be the only reason some of your team members even show up! So if your office is the kind that orders party platters to feed a crowd during quarterly reviews or year-end madness or just to celebrate Sue in accounting's birthday, then you need to read this - especially if those meetings are optional.

Step Up the Food

Forget the chains (and their questionable meat products). In the wise words of one Sir Richard Branson, putting your employees first puts customers first by default. Also shareholders. Or something. The point is, it's never bad form to treat your employees well. So if you're throwing down for lunch for the whole office, do it right. Fortunately, the right way is also the easy way when you call us here at Full Belly Deli.We have sandwich platters featuring assorted amazing sandos, chef's favorites, even wraps and gluten-free options. We have build-your-own bars so your staff can get creative, and you know we have alllll the classic side dishes. Pasta and potato salads, desserts like cookies and brownies, and if you have something specific in mind, we'll work with you to create a custom meal plan. Your staff will adore the fresh house-baked breads and our homemade sauces, and you'll look like the caring, involved, considerate manager/boss/office party planner that you are.

Oh, Breakfast Meeting?

If you're the type of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed go-getter who likes to pounce first thing in the morning, our breakfast sandos and wraps can ease the way for the rest of your staff. Present them with a big ol' pile of our chewy, delicious bagels and flavorful spreads, and let the productivity fly!So remember - next time you're calling a meeting, call Full Belly Deli first.

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