Not-So-Obvious Reasons Fresh Bread is Where It's At

Sure, freshly-baked bread tastes amazing. Who among us would choose packaged, sliced bread from the grocery store over warm, fresh-from-the-oven baked goodness? But taste isn't the only reason that fresh bread is where it's at. Here are some not-so-obvious reasons to opt for the fresh stuff every time.

The Ingredient List

Want to freak yourself out? Take a look at the laundry list of ingredients on your average sliced bread. Unless you're springing for small batch artisan loaves, you're probably working hard to identify all of that crap, let alone pronounce it. That's because commercially made bread has things like emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives and treatment agents. Yum!At Full Belly Deli, we make a big chunk of our breads from scratch. And because we know it's going to be enjoyed so quickly, we have no need for preservatives or any of that nonsense. Really great bread doesn't need a lot of extra ingredients - we put the tried-and-true elements to work for something that's simple and delicious.

Better for Ya

Since we can avoid certain ingredients, our freshly-baked bread is likely better for your body. Plus, there's evidence that whole grains are healthier than bleached flour - you've got all that extra fiber and nutrients, less sodium, and whole grains also contain essential fatty acids. We're not going to argue that we're whipping up health food over here, but you know this is a smarter option than sub sandwich chains or a loaf of Wonder bread.

Adding Flavor

When it comes to specialty breads at the grocery store, you're usually limited to some kind of cinnamon raisin swirl. But our homemade bread gives us plenty of room to flex those creative flavor muscles, and that's where we came up with customer favorites like jalapeño cheddar, parmesan oregano, bleu cheese and asiago bread.We made a strong case in our definitive guide to making better sandwiches that bread is the most important part of any sando. You need something with the right flavor, the right texture, something that won't crumble in your hands. By making our own breads from scratch, we've dialed in the perfect platform for all of our custom sandwiches.Now, if your mouth is already watering at the idea of fresh-baked bread stuffed with your personal sandwich favorites, you're in luck. We're serving up breakfast and lunch all week long in Reno and Truckee. Come in and eat!

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