Sandwiches Aren't Trendy (Thank Goodness)

Food trends come and go, and some of them should go and never, ever come back. If you've fallen for any of these food trends over the past year and a half, well, what the heck are you doing? Next time you're so hungry you can't see straight, remember this nugget of truth - sandwiches aren't trendy, and you can fill your belly at Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee for a price that won't have you reeling when you pay up. Now, let's all laugh ourselves silly over these insane food trends.

Fancy Toast

Avocado toast is, admittedly, delicious, but when were we collectively brainwashed into thinking $19 toast isn't anything but shameful? And beware, millennials, for this is apparently one of the reasons you can't even buy a house! If you've really got a hankering for avocado on toasted bread, just remember that around Reno and Truckee, the typical loaf of bread costs less than $5 and avocados - the good, organic kind - are like three for $3. You don't have to give up avocado toast, but this is something you can - and should - make at home.

Unicorn... Anything

We blame that one ubiquitous Seattle-based coffee chain for the rise of this insanity. Unicorn-inspired desserts, booze, even bagels (?) were all the rage on Pinterest, but we all know who pushed this blue and pink nonsense into the mainstream. If you aren't familiar - yay, you! - this thing involved sour blue drizzle, pink powder, and ... coffee. Yeah.

Activated Charcoal

This one is a puzzle, because activated charcoal does indeed have its place - in the emergency room, mostly. Charcoal-infused food, on the other hand, should have never, ever been a thing. If your local ice cream parlor is trying to talk you into an activated charcoal cone, time to keep moving.

Sushi Masquerading as Something Else

Sushi that looks and tastes and is promoted as sushi is great, when you know it's absolutely fresh and prepared by a skilled chef. Sushi stuffed in a burrito is just an oversized roll, and bigger isn't always better.The good news is that sandwiches will never be trendy, even the fancy ones. So browse the menu here at Full Belly Deli or get creative and build your own. This is good, solid, delicious, belly-filling food, and it's the kind of thing that never goes out of style.

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