Where to Snag a Great Sandwich to Go in Reno & Truckee

When you're in the mood for a sandwich, nothing else will really do. We've all been there, and sometimes we've been there and on deadline, or thirty minutes out from a meeting, or dealing with some other responsibility that means we need a sandwich to go. That's when you need to know - where can you snag a great sando to go if you happen to be in Reno or Truckee? Three words, my friend.


Call, order and when you show up, your sandwich will be ready and waiting. It's like magic, really. But here's the best part - Full Belly Deli sandwiches, wraps and salads all travel exceptionally well, which matters on any to-go order. If you've ever been on the soggy end of a bad takeout order, you know that some food should only be eaten in the same location you bought it. Not so with food from Full Belly Deli, and that's really saying something.

The Secret's in the Wrap

So what makes a to-go order from FBD so delicious? The secret's in the wrap. Literally. There's a real art to wrapping sandwiches so that they stay perfectly assembled. Just ask Google. In less than one second, you'll get 1,750,000 hits that vary from step-by-step photo instructions to YouTube videos to raging debates between parchment paper or waxed.Good news - the pros at Full Belly Deli in both Reno and Truckee have the sandwich-wrapping thing down (and they're partial to waxed butcher paper or foil, sandwich-dependent, for the record). So for a killer sandwich on fresh bread that will taste just as great in your office, the conference room or the car as it does in the deli, just remember three little words - FBD to go.

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