The Not-So-French Dip at Full Belly Deli

When the French dip is good, it's very, very good. But when it's bad, it's horrid. Punishable offenses include rubbery, overcooked roast beef, stale bread, old dish water masquerading as au jus, just so much sadness. But a French dip done right, well, that's a reason to celebrate. Spoiler - the Not So French Dip here at Full Belly Deli is a party.

It's So Special

The Not So French Dip is, literally, a special, and it's one of a handful that became so popular, we had to keep bringing it back. When this sando is on the menu, people get excited. And we can't blame them.There are a few elements that make the French dip what it is. You've got the expertly draped roast beef, obviously, and the melty cheese, but you also have the perfectly caramelized onions. It's this ingredient that gives the French dip its amazingly silky richness. And then there's the au jus. It's a sidekick of the utmost importance, like the ketchup to the fries, or the creamy ranch to the sliced veggies. It's the au jus - which is a richly concentrated sauce made from the beef's own cooking juices - that turns this sandwich into such a hands-on experience.Every bite of a really great French dip deserves a dunk in an equally delicious au jus, and at Full Belly Deli, both elements are on point. Our Not So French Dip is stuffed with thin-sliced tri-tip, and we swap Swiss for provolone for a smooth, velvety finish. Some expertly caramelized onions, a bit of garlic butter to bring it all together, a side of our delicious au jus, and there you have it - the Not So French Dip, a Full Belly Deli special that brings people running.

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