Three Reasons the Sandwich is the Best

That's a bold claim, we know, but there are so many reasons it's true. For the sake of brevity, and because we always shoot for that ideal blog post length, we're limiting ourselves to three reasons the sandwich is the best.

Versatility, Baby

We speak from experience on this one - anyone who's spent at least a season in northern Nevada and the Sierra around Truckee knows that our weather is anything but predictable. We have snow, sun, insane winds, hail, you name it - sometimes all in the same day - and that can make planning meals kind of a pain. Think about it - there are foods perfect for warm summer nights, foods for chilly, rainy days, foods we crave come springtime. Still, we'd argue that no matter what the weather is doing, the sandwich is still the way to go.Let's say spring has sprung, and you've got a hankering for some of those tender greens. A sandwich is the perfect place to pile fresh veggies and greens. Now fast forward six months or so to a brisk fall day, when all you want is a steaming bowl of soup and a toasty grilled cheese sandwich to go with it. In the winter, grilled sandos are classic comfort food, and come summer, a cold sandwich wrapped up to go is just the ticket for your family picnic or day hike. Versatility is one of the sandwich's greatest attributes, simply because you can slap pretty much anything between two slices of really great bread - extra points for creativity.

Perfect for the Whole Family

If you're the family sort, or you just enjoy eating with friends, you understand that people usually have preferences. And the sandwich - that simple yet oh-so-amazing culinary masterpiece - totally accommodates for this. Straight-up ham and cheese for the kids, a pressed sandwich for you, maybe a wrap for your best friend, hold the veggies for this guy, extra veggies for her, you see where we're going with this? However you want it, and however the rest of your group wants it, is no issue.That's especially true when you're not the one slinging sandos yourself. Here at Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee, we're old pros at making custom sandwiches for all, and we can accommodate your gluten-free sister, your picky eight year old and still make the best Reuben you've ever had. From our selections of baked-in-house breads and the fresh homemade sauces to all the protein, cheese and veggie options, the options are pretty much endless.

The Best Things in Life Scale Well

And the sandwich is no exception. When you have all the ingredients at hand, making a sandwich for one isn't much more difficult than making them for ten. You can make a sandwich as stacked or as simple as you want, and that's really awesome.We could go on and on, but we won't. Hit us up in Reno or Truckee for the best version of the best food, and leave us a comment to tell us why you think the sandwich is the best.

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