Three Signs You Should Eat More Sandwiches

We wrote recently - quite convincingly - that sandwiches are a perfect summer food. From their inclusion of fresh, seasonal ingredients to their admirable portability and shape-shifting ways (hot, cold, piled high or pressed - you get the idea), sandwiches are especially awesome in the summer. We could probably end this post right here, but just in case you aren't completely sold, here are three reason you should be eating more sandwiches this summer.

You Need Options

Eating healthfully can get boring really fast. But in the sandwich world, you have infinite possibilities for all of the protein/complex carb/fat servings you're supposed to down in a day. Sure, bread got a bad wrap in the early 2000s thanks to insane high-profile diets popular at the time, but the right kind of bread absolutely has a place in a nutritious diet.Whether or not you eat with an eye to nutrition, good sandwiches - the kind filled with fresh, high-quality ingredients - will tick all your boxes. And at Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee, you have options. From sandwiches to wraps to salads, you could eat here all week long and not get bored, especially if you're looped into our specials.

You Have a Schedule

If you aren't independently wealthy, you probably have a job. And the thing about a job is the schedule! It can make getting breakfast, lunch and dinner squared away a challenge. And no one wants to start their day on an empty stomach, or find themselves so pressed for time come lunch that their only option is a gas station meal. Well, good news. Full Belly Deli can help you out with two of your three daily squares.We open bright and early at 7 am, and if you plan ahead, we can have your breakfast ready to roll when you show up. The same goes for lunch. Check the menu, hit up social for info on the daily special, make a quick phone call, and hey, you've taken care of the second most important meal of the day.

You're Feeding a Crowd

Grabbing lunch for the office? Panicking a bit about you'll feed all the kids bouncing around the house? Relax. Full Belly Deli has something, literally, for everyone. Direct your coworkers to our menu, check out the kids' menu for the littles, and place an order that will make everyone happy.Bottom line? You should probably eat more sandwiches. Full Belly Deli can help you out with that.

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