Wait - Are Sandwiches Trendy After All?

Well, this is a little embarrassing. Last week, we wrote an entire post about sandwiches being, thankfully, not trendy. Turns out, sandwiches can be trendy, after all! That's what we learned from this crazy Sandwich Consumer Trend Report. Here's how the sandos at Full Belly Deli officially stack up.

The Sandwich Statistics

Sandwiches are popular, we get it. But this number feels a little low, in our humble opinion. Some 61% of consumers report eating a sando at least once a week. And that makes sense, because pyschology.Here's how it breaks down:

  • Breakfast sandwiches rule, and some sandwiches get better when you toss on an egg. FBD is all over this - see Sando, Breakfast; and Burrito, GNAR; or pretty much anything on the breakfast menu.
  • People like meatball sandwiches. Duh.
  • "Ethnic" sandwiches are killing it. See the Cuban, falafel, Thai chicken, and various daily specials.
  • Bread matters. Ahem - we have always known this.

While we stand by our assertion that sandwiches aren't inherently trendy, we get it - food trends come and go, and some of them will hit the sandwich world. The good news is that for those of you living or traveling in Reno or Truckee, a good sandwich is never far away - and always in style.

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