We Can Cater That

Spring is springing here in Reno and Truckee, and it's got us thinking about summer. Too much rain this season, you know? Let's just skip straight to the sunshine and barbecues and flip flops. And while we're thinking summer, let's talk about catering. Because Full Belly Deli does it, and whether you're planning a grad party, a birthday bash, or even just a way-better-than-usual meeting at work, we can cater that.

All the Sandwiches

We've argued before that sandwiches are the best, and scalability is one of the reasons. Going the sandwich route at your next gathering/meeting/party means a delightful selection of really great food with something for everyone, no matter how big or small your bash. Actually, we can only promise that when you're passing the apron to Full Belly Deli - there are a lot of places in Reno and Truckee that'll knock out some generic sandwiches and call it good, so party planner beware.

Catering FBD Style

First of all, we know food tastes better when someone else makes it. And with options like sandwich platters featuring assorted sandos, chef's favorites and wrap, and build-your-own bars, Full Belly Deli makes planning your menu fun, easy and - you know it - delicious. Oh, and you want side dishes with that? No problem! We can whip up pasta or potato salads, cookies, brownies, and we're happy to customize orders if you have something specific in mind.When Full Belly Deli caters your shindig, you get to pick and choose your favorite house-baked breads and homemade sauces, and you know you're getting the freshest, best ingredients, all layered perfectly. If you're feeding a group of kids, we'll make those little bellies happy, and we can accommodate special requests too (looking at you, gluten-free folks).We could have probably wrapped this post up in a few sentences about the convenience and delicious-ness you're guaranteed to get when Full Belly caters your event, but we wanted to be crystal clear. If you have a some kind of gathering planned and you want a really great meal that'll make everyone happy, remember - we can cater that. Just give us a ring or drop us a line.

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