We Expanded, Baby!

Folks swinging by the Reno deli had to excuse our dust for a bit there, because big things were happening. Now that the stain is dry and the tables are in, we can get really excited. Full Belly Deli in Reno just grew by some 800 square feet - we took over the adjacent space to create more room to fill those bellies. But that's not all!

Bigger and So Much Better

We heard you guys loud and clear - you wanted more seating options. And that's what we're giving you! In addition to five new outdoor tables, our expansion into the space next door means we were able to add about thirty seats and eight tables. Plus, all of that new square footage makes for a more spacious ordering area - all the better to accommodate the morning and noon rush. For you midday indulgers, we also got our beer and wine license. So if you've ever wished for a cold brew to go along with that sando, now you're free to give it a whirl (and yeah, it's killer). For you consumers of the non-alcoholic beverage, we've expanded those options as well. More drinks for everyone!While our to-go game is still strong, the goal with this expansion was to create a more inviting dining area. No need to rush back to the office to chow just because we're packed. All of this additional seating also makes eating out with the kiddos a little easier, too.

Come, Sit, Eat

The expansion is complete, and we're slinging sandos with all of this new elbow room. Come, sit, and eat!

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