We Make Sandwiches

Someone, somewhere, once said that the secret to being successful was to find something you do well, and then go out there and do it. And while it's possible that we just completely made that up, the sentiment is pretty solid. You know what Full Belly Deli in Truckee and Reno does well? Make sandwiches. And that's why, for the last 11 years, we've been slinging sandos six days a week.

Making Sandwiches Great Again

Sandwiches are among the meals we master early, if slapping together two slices of bread with some peanut butter and jelly can be considered mastery. But we've all had our share of lackluster, dry, disappointing sandwiches in our lives, and we all know a good sandwich when we taste it. At Full Belly Deli, we aren't making good sandwiches. We're making great sandwiches (and wraps). Come on. The GNAR burrito? Dry-rubbed trip-trip with pepperjack cheese, green chilies, hash brown, our own southwest sauce and a fried egg?What about the turkey sub for you sandwich purists? Fresh avocado, cucumber, sprouts, swiss cheese, turkey and honey mustard?Our menu is filled with sandwiches to be enjoyed, and folks are welcome to specify a creation of their own making. And then there are the specials - the stuff that keeps people coming back for more.

The Specials (So Special)

The wild card option is a special daily sando born of exceptional cuts of meat, seasonal produce, and pure imagination. Some of our specials were so radical, we had requests to bring them back - stat. So we did, and now some of these favorites are in regular rotation:

  • The Italian Grinder - smoked ham, hot cappicola, Genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted garlic aioli, Italian dressing
  • The Not-So-French Dip - thin-sliced tri trip, provolone, garlic butter, au jus
  • The Nacho Pollo Loco - Dorito-encrusted chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, hot sauce, hot ranch
  • The carne asada burrito - marinated steak, refried black beans, cheddar, house salsa, sour cream

Get it to Go

Making great sandwiches is important for a deli, obviously. But you know what's equally important? Making those sandwiches travel-ready. If you're the to-go type, you're in luck. Order in, and when you arrive, we'll have your delicious food ready to roll - all expertly wrapped up and portable.It's a beautiful thing, doing something well. And our something is sandwiches. If you're in Reno or Truckee and looking for a really great sandwich come breakfast or lunchtime, remember Full Belly Deli.

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