We're a Kid Friendly Restaurant in Reno (Truckee too)!

Describing yourself as a kid-friendly dining establishment here in Reno, up in Truckee, or anywhere can go a few ways. Some people get worried, picturing animatronic characters, crayons on every table, and bad pizza. Other people - we're looking at you, parents - are just resigned to what it's really like to eat out with kids. And still others - the ones who have been to Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee - know the truth. You can have kids and still eat well. We're proof.

Good Eats

Giving up decent food is a sacrifice parents shouldn't have to make just because they wanted to procreate. But at your typical family-friendly restaurant, well, that's the price tag of doing business. Here at Full Belly Deli, we keep the whole family happy. There's the Little Bellies menu for the kiddos, and seriously good food for the grown ups. See that? No compromise! Everyone is happy.

Casual Vibe

A good family-friendly restaurant is kind of subjective. Some parents want to enjoy twenty minutes of relative peace while their kid runs wild in the arcade. Some parents think tablecloths you can scribble on are essential, and some don't care about anything besides a full bar. But most parents agree - no one wants any side eye for bringing their offspring out to eat. At Full Belly Deli, we get it - kids have to eat too. Bring 'em in! We keep it simple and straightforward - order, pick up, then eat in or bail. Our food travels like a dream, so if you're not yet at parenting level eat-in-public-with-these-wildebeests, no worries. We promise, no one will look at you funny for daring to bring kids in with you.Oh, and one more thing. No parent likes dropping a bundle on food your kid may or may not eat. We've got you on both counts - kids love sandwiches (especially the sandwiches at Full Belly Deli) and we won't charge you an arm and a leg for taking the whole family out to eat. That's a win-win - and parents know it.

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