Where to Feed the Kids in Reno & Truckee this Summer

Schoooool's out for summa. Schooool's out forevah. Parents out there in Reno and Truckee, you know it's not forever, but it sure feels like it sometimes. So when you're catering to your offspring's umpteenth request for snacks this summer, remember Full Belly Deli. Kids love us.

Give them Sandwiches

Kids, by and large, are picky eaters. They'll eat a handful of familiar, non-suspicious food items, and trying to get them to eat something new is often a battle to the death. We understand this, and we kept it in mind when we came up with the Little Bellies menu. It's not too long or complicated, and it's full of all the stuff kids like to eat - go-to's like PB & J, grilled cheese, cheese quesadilla, meat and cheese sandwiches, and other standard kid fare.It's a rare child who will turn up his or her adorable little nose at a sandwich. At here at Full Belly Deli, even our kid sandos are awesome. You get the same choice of baked-in-house breads - french and wheat hoagies, jalapeño cheddar, parmesan oregano, bleu cheese, and asiago - plus a reassuringly familiar selection of standard sliced.We have an array of scratch sauces, of course, but we can keep it super simple - however your kiddo likes it. The bottom line is that we'll fix it up to suit your child's choosy tastes, and the whole thing will be perfectly proportioned for the pint-sized among us.

And Feel Good About It

Treating your kids to sandwiches are Full Belly Deli in Reno and Truckee sets you up for one of those feel-good parenting moments. FBD is into the whole stay-local thing, so you know our ingredients are the real deal. There are so many questionable foods aimed at kids these days, and finding something they'll actually eat that's made from ingredients you can actually pronounce is what's known as a win-win. When you're looking for something to feed the kids in Reno and Truckee this summer, skip the happy meal and head to Full Belly Deli instead. We promise, everyone will be happy.

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